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Royal Mediterranean

Our story begins in last century in Kavala,

one of the most beautiful Greek cities.

here, Alexios Tsatsoulis who was born in Epirus, northwestern Greece, decides to settle

and develop his hobby, which is his love of good food,

into a source of income for his family.

He brings recipes from his homeland

and the generations-old art of naturally preserving

fresh vegetables all year round.

Then begins by producing pickles

but in his personal, unique way. He selects the best seasonal vegetables,

ripened at just the right time

and only from trustworthy farmers he knows well.

He chooses all the other materials

he needs with the same care.

Soon, Alexios' pickles are so tasty and special,

that their reputation quickly spreads beyond

Kavala city limits. Fame follows. As the years go by, his pickle business grows,

his small workshop becomes a small industry

and passes from one Tsatsoulis to the next.

And the next.

Nowadays, that small industry has evolved

into one of the largest in the country,

with two modern factories, dozens of recipes,

and products exported around the world.

“Royal Mediterranean” as the company is named today,

is a guarantee for top quality food and food safety.

What has not changed and never will,

is the careful vegetables selection,

the use of top materials, management continuity,

a dedicated, experienced staff and continuous investments

in new equipment, consistent application

of all international quality and safety management

standards and our commitment to delicious food.

You will find all these enclosed in each

and every "Royal Mediterranean" product.

This is why the third Tsatsoulis generation is involved

in the day-to-day company operations:

to ensure that all the values their family company

was built on remain alive and in place,

as "fresh" as ever!

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At a Glance (Fast Facts)

Royal Mediterranean in numbers:

Continuously in production since 1925

2production plants, a total of 14.000 m2

in a total area of 30.000 m2

Market leader in Greece with over

50% share of sales in our category.

80% of the turnover is the export share.

Presence in more than 30 countries,

from New Zealand to Mexico.

More than 30 long-term clients -leading companies,

many with worldwide presence- entrust us

to produce their own-label brands.

9.000.000 kilos of fresh vegetables and olives

go through our production lines every year.

6.000.000 kilos of our best-selling

fresh red peppers, reach the shelves.

10.000.000 jars of Royal Mediterranean products

leave our warehouses yearly.

300 different product codes.

100 different recipes

and new recipes developed all the time.

100 permanent staff and more than

300 seasonal staff are employed,

in both factories, creating strong ties

with the local communities.

Balance sheet (pdf file, 4.9Mb)

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Our Positioning

Since 1925, we specialize in producing

pickles, olives and food products

based on the Mediterranean diet,

distinguished for their variety, quality and taste...

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Our Vision

To bring products

of uncompromising quality

and unique flavor

to family tables

around the world, every day.

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Our Mission

To offer consumers

natural food products

of high nutritional value,

aiming at the highest possible quality

through commitment to stringent quality and

production standards, and

continuously improving our offer

through ongoing research, investments

in infrastructure and human resources.